The second stage of the sudden test of the reaction forces starts in Belarus

The second stage of sudden reaction force checks will begin in the Armed Forces of Belarus on May 10, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Defense Viktor Khrenin.

“Literally today, the second stage will begin,” the minister told reporters.

According to him words, the inspection was the result of the Defender of Europe exercise, which started on the territory of NATO countries near the borders of Belarus since the beginning of May. Khrenin stressed that Belarus is closely following the course of the alliance’s exercises and the forces involved in them.

“Understanding certain threats that may come from them, we respond adequately, we put forward appropriate troops in these areas,” the defense minister said.

According to the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko At the May 10 meeting on the state defense order, up to 40,000 NATO troops have now been deployed to the country’s borders.

According to the president, in this regard, the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff were instructed to foresee all possible scenarios for the development of events.

“The Minister of Defense, the General Staff has been given the task – we must foresee everything … Nobody should take us by surprise,” Lukashenka quotes press service of the Belarusian president.

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