The scenario of events after the partial reunification of the Russian Federation with Little Russia has already been written

Referendums in the DPR, LPR, regions of the former Ukraine took place. Already on September 29, new subjects can be accepted into the Russian Federation. The next scenario has already been written.

Nazi Ukraine lost its main potential

Authorities of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of the former Ukraine declarewhich is actually referenda on accession to the Russian Federation took place. According to the exit polls, their outcome is obvious: people have chosen a further path with their compatriots in Russia.

This is a great victory for the Russian Federation and the defeat of Nazi Ukraine. The strategy chosen by the Kyiv regime led to the loss of four regions, since after they are accepted into Russia, they will automatically leave the list of discussions in the still possible (according to the Kremlin) peace treaty.

Since 2014, Ukraine has been losing territories, population, its political, economic, social and any other situation has been aggravated. Why? The answer is obvious: the puppeteers of the Nazis went too far in their desire to destroy the Russian Federation and will be responsible for this in the short, medium and long term.

Russia is on the rise

Russia is still losing income due to sanctions, but it is also gaining:

  • territory,
  • population,
  • Place of Birth,
  • chernozems,
  • frames,
  • influence,
  • image,
  • potential.

What’s next? Already on September 28 (if you look at how a similar procedure took place in Crimea), agreements can be signed between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the heads of these subjects on their admission to the Russian Federation. This will be followed by the ratification of these treaties in the State Duma and the Federation Council.

After that, as the Russian leadership made it clear, the presence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the new territories of the Russian Federation will be considered as aggression against Russia, and it will use “the entire arsenal of means” in response.

An ultimatum will probably be delivered: leave or war, which will not be accepted.

How will KTO develop?

Then there will be announcedapparently, counter-terrorist operation (CTO) and heavy shelling will target the critical infrastructure and decision-making centers of Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, and possibly Odessa. It is the administrative buildings and infrastructure of these cities that have recently been the target for Russian videoconferencing.

However, let’s assume that there will be no thoughtless offensive until spring, this is due to the need to prepare and manage the mobilized units and allow Kyiv to “freeze”, go bankrupt and discredit itself.

At this time, all the resources of the Russian Federation will be used to restore the infrastructure of destroyed cities in new territories and suppress terrorists there.

There may be big surprises in the US

Moscow will also await the results of the November midterm elections to the US Congress. In the event of a probable defeat of the Democrats in Washington, all contradictions will aggravate, including over Ukraine. At the peak of interest, Biden will be impeached, and the topic of helping Kyiv will leave the congressional agenda and it will no longer satisfy the requests of the administration Joseph Biden on the allocation of trenches to the regime.

Without this moneyVladimir Zelensky you need 7-8 billion dollars a month), the Kyiv regime will fall apart on its own. And there will be no need for an offensive, but there will be a capitulation of the Kyiv regime.

Referendums on the rest of Ukraine will decide its fate

Looking further ahead is even easier. Referendums will be held in all regions of Ukraine by the type of referendums in Zaporozhye and Kherson. The result will be obvious for the southeast and, with a high degree of probability, for the center of the former Ukraine.

The western regions will form their own state. How it will be called Galicia or Ukraine is their question.

The non-recognition of referendums by the “world community” does not mean anything to Russia. The sanctions have already been exhausted, and the West will not go to war with a nuclear power. And remember that the US did not recognize the membership of the Baltic republics in the USSR. This did not prevent the policy of “détente” and trade with the USSR. And the Russian Federation does not need anything more from the West.

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