The savage attitude of a group of young people in Córdoba: they tried to stop them at a police checkpoint and dragged two officers on the hood of the car

The incident occurred on the morning of December 25. The driver and his two companions were arrested.

Like a scene from the movie Wild Tales, in Cordova a group of young people tried to resist a police control and dragged two officers on the hood of the vehicle who miraculously did not lose their lives. The driver of the car and two companions ended up in custody.

The violent episode occurred yesterday, Sunday December 25, minutes before 11 in the morning at the intersection of Rafael Núñez and Hugo Wast streets, in the neighborhood Hill of the Rosesnorthwest of the provincial capital, when members of the Cordoba Police they requested a young man aboard a Volkswagen Goal Trend gray, stop your march to review the corresponding documentation and be subjected to a breathalyzer test.

The reasons why they tried to evade the security forces are still unknown, but there are several films that show the fact, even one of the people who was inside the vehicle recorded the sequence with his cell phone. A woman who was accompanying her registered with her smartphone the moment in which Petty Officer Raúl Córdoba together with two other agents asked the driver to get out of the car. In the video you can hear how two of the three young people refused to go down. “What crime? We are not doing anything wrong, we did not steal, we did nothing”, one of the girls is heard saying; while another, with a rational position, delimits: “Let’s go down, I don’t want to get involved in this, ask him what we are doing.” “We’re not doing anything wrong,” the driver replies to her friend. On her part, the other companion reaffirms her will to refuse to get out of the vehicle: “Coral, don’t get off because it’s dangerous.”

The incident occurred on the morning of December 25. The driver and his two companions were arrested

At that moment, the violent actions of the driver are unleashed. He decides to speed up and ram into two of the three policemen who -trying to avoid running away and being run over- are holding on to the hood of the car and one of the windshield wipers. Despite the fact that one of the officers yells at him to stop, the young man decides to speed up his march and the companion endorses the gesture: “Come on, let’s go to hell.”

Another police mobile had to intervene, which interrupted the escape and forced the man to stop his vehicle. There, as a result of impotence and the quasi-homicide attitude of the driver, one of the officers who was dragged away smashed the windshield of the Volkswagen Gol with his fist.

The journalist Andrés Ferreyra shared in his account of Twitter other videos of the event taken from different places. In one of them you can see how the car is picking up speed, dragging the policemen in front of the gaze of dozens of witnesses, some of whom in an inexplicable way laugh at what happened. A third film record shows the end of the scene when, with no escape, the young man is lowered from the car and reduced by three Cordovan police officers.

The savage attitude of a young man in Córdoba: he was arrested at a police checkpoint and dragged two officers on the hood of the car

As reported The voice de Córdoba, the three people were arrested. The driver was identified as Lautaro Ordonez, 20 years old; and her companions are April Aresca (21) and Tiziana Aresca (19). The girls are daughters of Gabriela Eugenia Moreirajudicial officer of the province, who works in the fourth nomination Criminal and Correctional Chamber of the Justice of Córdoba, who approached the scene of the events, Ferreyra said.

On the other hand, one of the troops had to be assisted by medical personnel who went there and was later transferred to the Polyclinic Hospital with injuries to his legs.

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