The Russians were explained the rules for traveling abroad with partial mobilization

Travelers from the Russian Federation were explained what innovations appeared when traveling abroad after the announcement of partial mobilization in the country.

It is reported that there is no ban on leaving the place of residence with partial mobilization. Upon receipt of the summons, it is forbidden to go abroad. Tourists said that at the land borders everyone is allowed to pass, but control takes longer.

Citizens of the Russian Federation traveling abroad are asked questions about the amount of cash, the purpose of the trip, and the final place of stay. They are also interested in military experience, military service and field of activity.

“They missed in five minutes. The family was not asked anything, but asked that they pass the control separately,” NVL quotes the words of a Russian who was heading to Berlin via Istanbul.

Earlier, the State Duma of the Russian Federation advised those subject to mobilization don’t move around the country.

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