The Russian renounced the Russian Federation on the border with Latvia to see his sick mother

Stanislav Sadalsky told the story of a certain person who, on the border with Latvia, was forced to renounce Russia in exchange for the opportunity to visit her dying mother.

Sadalsky believes that the Latvian customs officers acted as if according to the script of the film Eldara Ryazanova “Garage”.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR told the situation in which a certain person fell, whose name Sadalsky decided not to name.

The man, who was heading from Russia to Latvia, according to Sadalsky, was called in for an interview with a specific purpose.

“In the office, the person was given several papers with prepared texts, where they offered to condemn the actions of Russia and President Putin personally,” the 70-year-old actor wrote.

The person tried to stay out of politics, explaining that she only wanted to see her seriously ill mother, but the representatives of Latvia were persistent.

“The Latvian special services insisted on their own, time passed. The passengers on the bus were nervous, they were told the reason for the delay! Then almost all the passengers began to get off the bus and ask the person to sign a paper (as in the movie Garage),” the actor retold the story.

As a result, the man succumbed to persuasion.

“I understand him – there is no one in the world dearer than a mother!” Sadalsky expressed his point of view.

Earlier in Latvia they demanded drive out of the country “good Russians”.

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