The Russian Ministry of Defense launched a regular ferry “Lavrenty” through the Taganrog Bay

A photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

A modern ferry service connected the Krasnodar Territory of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic. Its length is only 70 kilometers. The sea route “Yeisk-Mariupol” will be used to deliver various cargoes necessary for the restoration of the infrastructure of Mariupol and other settlements of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

“Today, the first car-passenger ferry Lavrentiy left the seaport of Yeysk in the direction of Mariupol. The ferry can carry up to 700 tons of cargo, including up to 20 trucks and more than 130 passengers. Initially, it is assumed that the ferry will make one round trip per day, ”the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It is obvious that later the route that Lavrentiy is developing will become popular with tourists.


By order of the Government of the Russian Federation, Oboronlogistics is defined as the executor of the work and services carried out by the Russian Ministry of Defense related to the delivery of goods in the interests of various bodies of the military department and organizations of the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which ensures a significant reduction in budget expenditures.

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