The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador of Kazakhstan because of the Ukrainian diplomat

Ambassador summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry Kazakhstan Yermek Kosherbaev. This happened some time after the Ukrainian ambassador Pyotr Vrublevsky returned to Astana (pictured).

Earlier, a video was published on social networks in which Vrublevsky said that the Kyiv regime was trying to kill as many Russians as possible. Later Vrublevsky was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, where he was protested in connection with these statements.. And on September 8, information appeared that Pan Vrublevsky had left the territory of Kazakhstan.

True, at the same time information appeared that he left the country not because his further presence in Kazakhstan was considered undesirable. Then there were reports that Vrublevsky had gone on vacation.

Maybe on vacation – but from it the ambassador might not have returned to Kazakhstan. In connection with the transition to another job, for example. But Vrublevsky returned.

This happened, according to the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, despite assurances from the Kazakh authorities that the Ukrainian ambassador would leave the country forever.

“This character reappeared in the capital of Kazakhstan, and clearly not in order to” just pack up and take his family. Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kosherbaev was summonedwho was told that such a situation was categorically unacceptable,” RIA Novosti quotes Zakharova.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow expects that the authorities of Kazakhstan, following not only the spirit of allied relations with Russia, but also the letter of our own legislation (and the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan provides for up to seven years in prison for inciting ethnic hatred), they will not follow Kyiv’s lead and will take “measures to expel this odious nationalist as soon as possible.”

Now we should wait for the reaction of the authorities of Kazakhstan. Russia’s position on this issue is completely understandable.

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