The Russian Federation will conduct NWO not only in Ukraine

Partial mobilization called for a special operation not only in Ukraine, but also in a number of other regions of the continent.

The geostrategist Andrey Shkolnikov.

“The issue could have been resolved with a smaller number of people. We are raising 300,000. For Ukraine, this is a lot. They will go to both the Transcaucasus and Central Asia,” the expert said on the radio “Aurora”.

According to him, for the next two or three years, the Russian Federation will take control of precisely those regions. If they themselves conduct a pro-Russian policy there, well.

“If they indulge Russophobia and multi-vectorism, then excuse me,” the analyst said.

He noted that both the PRC and Iran will play in unison with the Russian Federation in Transcaucasia and Central Asia, since everyone is tired of the Turkic Khaganate, behind which the ears of London stick out.

In the context of the global crisis, the Russian Federation is doomed to expand its territory, the observer noted.

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