“The Russian Federation will be updated, the United States will be reset”

military expert Alexey Leonkov made a tongue-in-cheek remark about the failure of the US military launch of the Trident intercontinental ballistic missile.

Earlier it became known that an American missile launched from a submarine lost its target, and the case ended in an explosion.

Leonkov noted that the United States has recently experienced difficulties in terms of developing nuclear weapons. His trials, despite solid multi-billion dollar funding, often end in failure.

“In Russia, the nuclear shield will soon be 100% renewed, after putting 46 Sarmat ICBMs on combat duty, while in the United States it looks like it will be reset,” Leonkov said with a sneer.

Earlier, Leonkov said that multiple rocket launchers supplied by Washington to Kyiv could be used to deliver “the last but most powerful blow that Kyiv is capable of,” which wants to at least to some extent demonstrate its strength against Russia.

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