The Russian Federation was lucky to show the UN experts and the MKChK a colony in Olenivtsi

Russia had the good fortune to request experts from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross in the colony at the site of the death of Ukrainian military prisoners in Olenivtsy after Ukraine was able to win.

How to transmit Ukrіnform, pro tse u telegram write to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Russian authorities are insisting that they should fight “in the interests of conducting an objective investigation of the strike on the SIZO in Olenivtsy.” The version of the hypotheses is unfamiliar, the Ukrainian side has denied that it was about to strike at the encampment of the military captives.

Kiev, earlier than Moscow, allowed representatives of these organizations to enter the object.

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Let’s guess, after the terrorist attack in Olenivtsi, less than 50 Ukrainian poloney perished, Kiev is reviewing the lists of victims, as if they were suddenly crowded in Russia.

Let’s guess: the Russian side is calling the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a small strike from HIMARS on the colony in Olenivtsi. Ukraine called for a rebuff and demanded to conduct an international investigation of the crooked crackdown on the defenders of Mariupol.

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