The Russian Black Sea Fleet banned the company, because of which Medvedchuk is being tried in Ukraine, from drilling wells in the Glubokaya area near Crimea

Journalists report it programs “Schemes” (Radio Liberty project).

New Projects LLC filed a lawsuit against SKIK JSC, which was supposed to carry out work on the construction of a well at the Glubokaya site, demanding the return of an advance payment in the amount of 36.7 million rubles.

The agreement between these companies was signed on July 1, 2021. On July 27, Skik JSC received an advance payment from New Projects LLC in the amount of 36.5 million rubles, but drilling work did not begin.

According to the case file, this was prevented by a letter dated August 18, 2021 from the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, Admiral Igor Osipov No. cases of entry of foreign warships and other provocative actions of foreign states in the area of ​​the Crimean peninsula, as well as increased intensity of measures for combat training of the fleet.

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office officially incriminates Viktor Medvedchuk with actions in relation to this captured Crimean field. The facts about this were first published in journalistic investigation “Schemes” in October 2018.

Then journalists setthat in the Russian-occupied Crimea, the Glubokaya oil and gas field in the Black Sea was given to the private company New Projects, the director of which is a business partner of Viktor Medvedchuk’s family.

“Schemes” investigated the ownership structure of the Russian company “New Projects”, which in 2016 the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev by personal order issued a license for the development and production of hydrocarbons from the occupied Black Sea field, as well as business relations of its director Anton Dornostup.

It turned out that Anton Sergeevich Dornostup is the only owner of the Glavnefteservis company, which owns 100 percent of New Projects and in which he is the director. At the same time, Dornostup is a co-founder of several Russian companies, which, according to Russian registers, are connected to Viktor Medvedchuk’s family.

Six months after the release of the New Projects investigation were subject to sanctions USA.

May 11, 2021 SBU released records telephone conversations. On them, a man with a voice similar to the voice of Viktor Medvedchuk discusses with a man whose voice is similar to the voice of the then deputy head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, the possibility of obtaining documents for the field by the New Projects company.

Viktor Medvedchuk publicly denied the accusations and called them “unfounded” and “unproven”.


  • Viktor Medvedchuk and his partner, People’s Deputy Taras Kozak, were informed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers of suspicions of committing high treason and violating the laws and customs of war, that is, a war crime – theft of national assets in the occupied territory of Crimea. CJR under investigation Deep trap in the Medvedchuk case wrote about the weak link in the Medvedchuk case. This is an episode with the receipt by the New Projects company of the license of the Russian Federation for the production of hydrocarbons in the Glubokaya block on the Black Sea shelf occupied by Russia and the transfer of documentation for the field to the occupiers. As the investigation showed, drilling of the first well was to begin in 2021, moreover, with the use of jack-up drilling rigs (jack-up drilling rigs) stolen from Ukraine and vessels of the Chernomorneftegaz fleet. However, the investigation did not take into account very important circumstances that could ruin the case.

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