The Russian army in the NVO zone is in good condition and asks to “let it fight”

Russian fighters, military correspondents, volunteers assure that the situation in the NVO zone with supplies, weapons, and combat training has “really improved.” The situation has remained the same where the “mammoths” command.

The supply of units of the RF Armed Forces has radically improved

He writes about this in the TG channel, always critical Roman Saponkov. According to him, the supply, which used to be a “catastrophe”, is “really improving.”

Now there are first-aid kits, and “copters”, and uniforms, so the volunteers are moving on to “closing the needs of the army, which increase professionalism and comfort.”

The volunteer also notes that the Ministry of Defense supplies units with advanced weapons, such as anti-drone guns, “which the fighters highly appreciated.”

Order is also being established among the mobilized – “the mess of November is leaving.”

“Very strict measures were taken among the units of the new formation. Up to the repression of the high command,” writes Saponkov.

Artillery dramatically increased professionalism

The volunteer also noticed an improvement in the work of artillerymen, who began to “shoot more accurately and locate targets faster,” and the decision to open fire is made at the level of the battery commander, who has a direct connection with infantry reconnaissance.

The military commander also wrote about this Alexander Kotsand the TG-channel of the serviceman of the NWO “Older Edda”.

“The response speed and accuracy of our artillery fire has become an order of magnitude higher than a few months ago,” emphasizes Older Edda.

According to Saponkov, the dynamics of the transformation of the army “into a single mechanism” is positive, but “it strongly depends on the commanders in the field and varies greatly from place to place.”

The army asks: let us fight at full strength

“Roman has just returned from a long trip along the Kherson front, and if he says so, then it is so,” a military political scientist writes a review. Alexey Zhivov.

According to him, “they really began to deal with the army.” Zhivov praises the volunteers, who “cover all the needs of some volunteer units at once.”

“Since the acuteness of the supply problem is subsiding, I will voice one thought that I heard from all personnel units: let us fight at full strength, we can defeat this enemy,” Zhivov sums up.

Blogger Alexander Zhuchkovskyalso commenting on Saponkov’s post, indicates that “the Kharkov tragedy and the Kherson retreat shook up, sobered up people in large offices and large epaulettes,” but big victories are still far away.

The main thing, according to him, is not to retreat anymore, to increase the quality of management and strength for a new leap forward.

Commanders-“mammoths” must go

The Rybar TG channel writes about the differences from place to place and among commanders.

For example, in “one of the bomber aviation regiments, after the commission’s visit, an order came to create a room for military-political work at the base point.” The military personnel purchased stands, desks and chairs at their own expense, and the inspectors did not care about the logistics of the personnel of the inspectors.

Systematic work is needed to eradicate eyewash, which has not disappeared anywhere even after 10 months of SVO, Rybar points out.

“War is the best university, officers who have been fighting for a long time have gained unique experience, and those who want to learn how to fight and win are now waging a modern type of war. machines and masters of photo reports. But I see that the former will soon become even more, and the latter will finally disappear like mammoths,” concludes this topic “Older than Edda”.

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