The Russian Armed Forces recaptured the village of Stavki, but the situation near Krasny Liman is difficult

Powerful reserves of the Russian army approached the Torskoye-Kremennaya highway and began to conduct military operations with the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Before that, the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered massive strikes against enemy concentrations in the region.

After reinforcements approached, the Russian troops began counter-offensive operations at Headquarters, as a result of which the settlement was beat back. At the moment, Ukrainian fighters have been able to enter the city.

Military correspondents of the Telegram channel “On March Z” reported that on the morning of October 1, they managed to get in touch with the soldiers who are in Krasny Liman. Despite the fact that the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has stretched out along the front and is trying to approach the line of contact, their reserves do not have time to complete the tasks due to the effective work of Russian aviation.

“It’s far from positive. I’m waiting for official versions,” the war correspondent said. Alexander Sladkovcommenting on the situation in the region.

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