The Russian Armed Forces eliminated the US M777 howitzer in the DPR

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that during special military operation Moscow, to force peace, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the village of Novopavlovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, liquidated the American M777 howitzer.

“As part of the counter-battery fight in the Nikolayevka area, the launcher of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system and the transport-loading vehicle were destroyed,” the military department added.

Earlier, the ministry announced the liquidation of 100 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions. Also Russian army destroyed 350 Kraken* militants in Kharkiv, the Defense Ministry noted.

* “Kraken” is a division of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Azov”, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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