The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the pontoon crossing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and armored vehicles on the Seversky Donets

The Russian military discovered and destroyed a pontoon crossing over the Seversky Donets River, through which the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to transfer armored vehicles. The corresponding video footage was published on Saturday by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The department reported that during the reconnaissance operations of a motorized rifle unit of the Russian armed forces, a UAV crew discovered a unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which attempted to cross the pontoon crossing.

The motorized riflemen corrected the artillery fire on the crossing and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were hidden in the forest. The crossing was completely destroyed by artillery fire and sank, the Russian Defense Ministry explained.

The enemy armored vehicles that managed to cross over the pontoons were defeated by Russian artillerymen and crews of infantry fighting vehicles. Part of the enemy equipment was captured as trophies. On the opposite bank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they tried to retreat, but they were also defeated.

Earlier today, militants hiding in the dungeons of Azovstal reported that the assault began plant with the use of tanks, infantry and aircraft.

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