The Russian Aerospace Forces liquidated up to 100 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions

Official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov stated that during military special operation For peace enforcement, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation eliminated up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions.

The department also stated that the Russian army destroyed four ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the ministry, the storage facilities were located on the territory of Nikolaev, Murakhovka, Serebryanka in the DPR and Zmiev in the Kharkiv region.

“As a result of strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces in the areas of the settlements of Potemkino, Belogorka, Kherson region and Belaya Krinitsa, Nikolaev region, 25 units of military equipment were destroyed,” the lieutenant general added during a briefing.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry spoke about the elimination of 350 Kraken militants * in Kharkiv technical school.

* “Kraken” is a division of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Azov”, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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