The romantic parade that China Suárez left Rusherking at the door of her house: “Can I tell you that I love you?”

La China Suárez and Rusherking, more in love than ever
La China Suárez and Rusherking, more in love than ever

The relationship between Eugenia The China Suarez Y rushing seems to be more entrenched than ever, even despite the distance. It is that, due to work commitments that she has not yet specified, the actress packed her bags and undertook a trip to Qatar, where the World Cup will take place in just 20 days. The truth is that, despite enjoying this experience, the former Almost angels She doesn’t forget her boyfriend and that’s why she decided to surprise him with a romantic gesture: nothing more and nothing less than a huge parade.

“Nothing separates me from you. Can I tell you that I love you?” reads the huge poster that he ordered him to make and placed it on the same block where the singer lives. The first phrase that he used is not accidental, but is part of “Perfect”, the song that he dedicated to her and in which even the actress is part of the video clip. And she signed as “Chinita”, the nickname he gave her.

Completely in love, the musician did not hesitate to share a photo of the street parade in his stories and expressed: “Today I had a bad day and you changed it for me in a second. What a beautiful surprise, you are the cutest thing ever. I love you very much too, my love.”

The parade that China Suárez dedicated to Rusherking
The parade that China Suárez dedicated to Rusherking

Meanwhile, in recent days Eugenia was also in the news after premiering a song with The Polish, “Already I do not want to see you”. The song, which is now available on all digital platforms, was recorded in July, at the Leslie Records studios, with tropical sound arrangements characteristic of a singer in her early days, added to some oriental overtones, referring to her partner . In the video you can see them dancing and enjoying the rhythm of cumbia in a shoot that ends with the fragment of the song. “Good luck daddy, now I don’t love you, now if you love me, since you left my luck has changed, baby: I don’t want to see you anymore,” she says and makes a very particular gesture as a finishing touch.

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It premiered I don’t want to see you anymore, the video of China Suárez and the Pole

The chemistry between the two can be seen throughout the video, in which they play a couple who play, dance and fight. At the end, China dedicates a very particular gesture to him, which can be interpreted as a hint to other people. The repercussions in the networks were very positive, especially for the actress and her participation, who was encouraged to get fully into the path of singing, and they already risk that it will become one of the hits of the summer.

Far from being jealous, Rusherking climbed into his stories of Instagram the song next to the cover of the single and added a comment with the best of waves. “Congratulations my love, what a great song that was sent,” said the rapper, mentioning both.

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Rusherking’s reaction to the song that China Suárez recorded with El Polaco

Weeks ago, Suárez was in morphi and told how she had fallen in love with the ragpicker. “He is humble, good. He has a very pure heart, you can’t find it anymore. He is not contaminated. He is a good friend, a good son. He has that of the new generation that comes lighter. Without prejudice. He comes lighter, and he teaches me a lot. It also gives me a lot of peace. That I never felt It has to do with the moment that I am living in my life, “she said in dialogue with Jay Mammon.

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