The riots against the judges in the Czech Republic are not impartial, you are violating the first, to Traburg Home

The esk justice server drew attention to the verdict. The Czech Republic was called upon to end the first and correct. The verdict is not final. The government has asked me to submit a transfer to a large sentiment, the Czech Office of the Attorney General responded.

The European Court of Human Rights first ruled on the appeal of executor Jan Gross. He argued that the order had no parameters at the trial, that the Czech court did not have the parameters of the court and that he would not appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court of First Instance.

The court in Strasbourg ruled in favor of Grosam as to the composition of the NSS and the resulting independence. According to the court, the asymmetrical situation itself is not a problem if the way the people are selected on the list of presidents is clear and transparent. Instead, the criteria are not clear. One aunt of the only sentiment is your professional judges, while the two aunts of the only sentenced are the second chairmen, the clerks of the selected primary professions.

His competitors in the field, led by the executor, testify to the situation. The court thus expressed the complainant’s concerns that the two executors who sat as chairman in the disciplinary letter and discussed his case, one aunt of the letter, were the company’s main competitors, according to the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights.

As the court in Strasbourg pointed out, krn sent did not meet the criterion of a vote against the influence. The court noted that two-thirds of the layman, the lay president, worked and took their salaries outside, which inevitably involved their material, hierarchical and administrative dependence on their primary employers, and thus could jeopardize both their independence and impartiality, the court said.

The court in Strasbourg awarded Grosam three thousand euros, almost one hundred thousand crowns, for non-property property.

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