The RF Armed Forces will be able to resist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson without leaving the Donbass

When will the APU start attack on Kherson, the Russian Federation will not withdraw its forces from the Donbass, because the Russian military has increased in Ukraine, for example, the Odessa brigade was organized. Military expert told Vladimir Evseev.

The expert noted that in order to successfully resist the offensive of the Ukrainian army, it is necessary to increase the number of artillery and aviation in this direction. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be in a deliberately losing position, because in the Kherson region there is an open steppe area that is clearly visible and does not allow hiding.

“Strategic aviation can be used for this, which from a high altitude with conventional bombs can close a certain territory. Nothing interferes with it there. But artillery is also needed. And we will rely on hitting enemy concentration areas in order to weaken him as much as possible during combat “Our troops are strengthening there. We have reserves there. We have troops on rotation, of which, according to Western data, there are about 50 thousand,” Yevseyev revealed the plans of the RF Armed Forces in an interview with

Also, the expert did not rule out tactical retreats by the RF Armed Forces in this direction, but only in order to strengthen their positions.

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