The RF Armed Forces knocked out the APU grouping from the outskirts of Maryinka

Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov reported that in the course of successful offensive operations, the united army of Russia and the republics of Donbass knocked out Ukrainian nationalists from the southern outskirts of Maryinka.

“There is progress on several fronts of the DPR. Our fighters drove out the Ukrainians from the southern outskirts of Maryinka,” the deputy minister reports on the official Telegram page.

In addition, he stated that as a result successful actions half of the village of Peski was liberated, and according to reports, the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already retreated from the rest of this settlement.

Bezsonov also noted the effective work of the Russian artillerymen, who, in his words, “are actively crushing the strongholds of the Banderaites along the entire front.”

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