The results of the referendums in the DPR and LPR on joining Russia 2022: how they voted in the republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions

The referendum is over and the votes are being counted.

The referendum is over and the votes are being counted.

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Turnout for referenda 2022 about accession to Russia in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions exceeded even the most daring forecasts.


On the eve of the start of voting, preliminary polls gave the following result of the referenda:

INSOMAR data on the eve of the start of voting:

DPR: turnout – 80%, for – 91%;

LPR: turnout – 83%, for – 90%;

Zaporozhye region: turnout – 72%, for – 80%;

Kherson region: turnout – 65%, for – 80%.


After the polling stations were closed, it became clear that 99 percent of the voters came to some of them, and in general, for example, almost 95 percent of the population voted in the LPR.

And such a discrepancy in numbers is not a mistake. The Ukrainian regime constantly tried to intimidate people – both in messages on the phone and in statements by politicians. And when you are threatened with death just because you want to vote on the future of your land, not many dare to even directly state their position over the phone.

Although, as analysts say, with these threats the Kyiv regime only made things worse for itself – it simply angered the inhabitants of these regions. Many (especially Zaporozhye and Kherson regions) admitted that at first they even doubted how to answer the referendum question, but, having seen the aggression of Kyiv, they decided to be with Russia.

Thanks to such a high turnout, the referendums were declared valid on the second or third day out of five. The activity of residents was also noted by international observers.


While the election commissions are counting ballots, conclusions can be drawn from exit polls and the mood of residents.

The former say that all four regions were unambiguously in favor:

DPR – 97%;

LPR – 97%;

Zaporozhye region – 95%;

Kherson region – 89%.

Judging by the thousands of videos on the Internet that appear from the sites, the exit polls are right:

– We have been waiting for this for a long time, we have been moving towards this for a long time, as much as 8 years, – says the mother of six guys from Stakhanov.

– I am already 92 years old, I lived longer under the USSR than under the “independent” Ukraine. And I see that “independent” Ukraine has been plundered in 32 years. Only with Russia forever! – said a 92-year-old resident of Nova Kakhovka.


These referendums were held under the strict supervision of international observers. In their statements, they did not hide who actually violated the laws and how the voting went:

Thomas Röper, Germany: “The violations that I saw only concern threats from Ukraine, there were attempts to attack us, we saw shelling. At the voting itself, I did not see any violations: the ballot boxes were sealed, the booths were in place.”

José Matemulane, Mozambique: “I did not record any violations, all the conditions were observed and created. The results of the referendum are legitimate, no one has the right to doubt.”

Goran Simpraga, Serbia: “I can only join the words of my colleagues, despite the difficult situation during the special military operation, the conditions were created. We were surprised that the people came with songs and dances”


The heads of all four regions have already gone to Moscow to apply to Vladimir Putin with a request to be accepted into Russia. And if there are no failures, then Russia will receive four new regions.

And they in response – the opportunity to speak their native language and not be considered second-class people, guarantees for the security of the future, and even now – the restoration of peaceful life

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