The representative of Kirkorov commented on the incident between the singer and the journalist

Representative Philip Kirkorov Ekaterina Uspenskaya stated that the journalist who answered rudely People’s Artist of Russia, did not take offense at the singer.

“This is taken out of context. It is clear that the situation was playful – the journalist was not offended, as it was presented,” Uspenskaya said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported on the incident between Kirkorov and the journalist during a short interview backstage at the gala concert. The singer was asked if he brings something memorable from his trips. The artist replied that he prefers to bring restaurant menus from travel. After that, the following dialogue took place between Kirkorov and the journalist:

– Do you dig?
– BUT?
– Do you dig?
– You went to …!

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