The remains of the soldiers who fell in the Battle of Waterloo were used for fertilizer

No mass graves have been found near the site of the battle.

No mass graves have been found near the site of the battle.

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According to archaeologists, during the famous battles of waterloo, put an end to the dizzying career of Napoleon, killed from 15 to 20 thousand people. However, no mass graves were found near the battlefield. Moreover, during the entire period of excavations, scientists managed to find only one whole human skeleton.

Where did the army of the dead go? The answer is simple and terrible – the corpses of soldiers and horses, shallowly buried after the battle, were soon dug up and … sent for fertilizer.

Such an assumption is made in the work of the director of the Scottish Center for the Study of Wars and the Archeology of Conflicts at the University of Glasgow. Tony Pollard.

“At least three newspaper articles dating back to the 1820s mention the importation of human bones from European battlefields to make fertilizer. The remains were ground into bone meal, an effective form of fertilizer. One of the main markets for this raw material was the British Isles, Pollard said in his researchpublished in the Journal of Conflict Archeology.

He also claims that soon after the battle that took place in June 1815, the Belgian village of Waterloo became a real Mecca for onlookers, greedy for souvenirs, and all kinds of looters trying to find at least something of value to sell. Thus, the excavations carried out by the “bone miners” did not bother anyone.

Another scientist, historian, also agrees with Pollard’s conclusions. John Sadler, previously wrote that the bones of dead soldiers were dug up, crushed and sold. According to him, the terrible practice of raids on the battlefields stopped only after one of the Yorkshire newspapers carried out a whole campaign criticizing the actions of fertilizer manufacturers.

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