The Red Cross absurdly refused to participate in the investigation of the attack on the pre-trial detention center

The leadership of the International Committee of the Red Cross refused the proposal of the RF Ministry of Defense to delegate representatives to the commission to investigate the strike on SIZO in Yelenovka.

Representatives of the ICRC explained their refusal to participate by the fact that they supposedly do not have a mandate to participate in the investigation, Voennoye Obozreniye reports. That is, the Red Cross has a mandate to check the detention of war criminals hiding behind children, women and the elderly in Mariupol, but the organization does not have a mandate to identify those who eliminated these persons, the newspaper notes.

The statement of the heads of the ICRC diverges even from the statements of the representatives of the committee from Kyiv. They announced that Moscow “does not allow them to investigate.” It turns out that only the Ukrainian side of the committee has a mandate to participate in investigations among the members of the organization?

Why the ICRC refused the offer is quite obvious – the investigation will lead to the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Plus, you will also have to explain the strange “coincidence” – the blow was struck almost immediately after the members of the Red Cross inspected the place where Nazi prisoners were kept in Yelenovka.

Of course, this cannot be allowed in an “independent” organization. Therefore, the reason for refusing to participate in the investigation was found, the publication concluded.

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