The recognition of lkaka in Bratislava operated on the patient’s healthy eye. Piel tak o ob | Svt

The hospital claimed that it had provided the patient and his families with full cooperation in mitigating the consequences and had not yet seen a similar incident. At the same time, she trained the staff of the clinic regarding the preparation of operations.

Let us be very sensitive to this tragic event. Of course, we communicate with the people and we will help in all directions, said Eva Klisk, speaking at the University Hospital Bratislava, under which the ruins fall. The event is very unfortunate. The hospital did not provide detailed information due to the ongoing investigation.

The Slovak Ministry of Health did not comment on the case: The initiative is to take care of the supervision of health care, which has the competence to check whether the money was provided correctly. The ministry will not speak until there are giants.

The ad confirmed that he had received a complaint and pointed out that he was assessing the procedure of the hospital, and not a specific employee. At the end of the nine months, this period can be extended by no more than three months.

If I find a doubt, I will be required to rectify the deficiencies and thus impose a fine or damage to the performance of the medical permit, and not for a year. If the provider is a first person, the destruction of the medical license can be imposed on his / her professional representative.

Three years ago, the Slovak newspaper Pravda wrote about the collapse of the first knee operation, for which the hospital in Nita received a fine of 8,000 euros (197 thousand crowns). The patient, former first-league football player František Rapan, who was 77 at the time, paid 100,000 euros (2.5 million crowns).

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