The real creator of the group “Tender May” died in poverty

The unexpected death of Shatunov is still widely discussed

The unexpected death of Shatunov is still widely discussed

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Conversations don’t stop about the premature departure of the soloist of “Tender May” Yura Shatunov. His unexpected death is still widely discussed. All the new secrets and mysteries of creating a group come out into the light of day.

Glory to the organizer of “Tender May” largely received Andrei Razin, who at the end of Shatunov’s life sued him for the group’s hits. “Laurels and money for over 30 years of the history of Tender May have been received by Andrey Razin. And meanwhile, the real creator of the group producer Alexey Muskatin remained in the shadows for millions of fans. It was Muskatin who, in fact, created the Shatunov brand, and died on July 24, 2021, without receiving any dividends from the tens of millions of dollars earned by the group. Alexey at the end of his life was forced to pay 10,000 rubles. sometimes appear on NTV in the program “DNA” to feed the family, ”said stage director Anatoly Demidov.

The glory of the organizer of

The glory of the organizer of “Tender May” was largely received by Andrey Razin

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– Yes, Muskatin was one of the founders of the group “Tender May”, – confirmed and director of the TV channel “Russia-1” Andrey Pastushny. – He hired Razin at Laskovy May, first as an administrator, then, recognizing his dexterity in solving touring issues, he appointed him director. Aleksey became disillusioned with the project, when from the concept of the orphanage music of unfortunate orphans he invented, everything turned into a machine for pumping big money by any means. Having not earned money on the project himself (he then headed one of the first self-supporting concert organizations in Moscow under the Frunzensky District Committee of the Komsomol), Alexei retired from business with Razin and with pleasure plunged into the professional work of the humorous workshop – he was the director of Efim Shifrin and very successfully. There was real creativity there – he invented a lot for a new image of an artist: he was engaged in the repertoire and brought music to his performances, so Shifrin sang. Then Alexei was still involved in other groups: “Hands Up”, “Revolvers”, “Diamond” and others. His last project: the “BAG” team – a rock group, the music for which wrote Sergey Chelobanov. The soloist of the group Alexandra is the last wife of Alexei. He managed to bring them to the international level in rock festivals. They worked in the same concerts with the popular western bands “Scorpions” and “Deep Purple” … I know that relationship with Razin Muskatin supported throughout his life, but some misunderstanding arose between them. He left the created project – the group “Tender May”. Alexey was not like other producers – he was always honest with the people he worked with. For example, he never asked for anything from anyone to whom he provided a service with a job or introducing him to the right person from high authorities – he considered it unworthy to ask for money or counter services, he was such a disinterested person.

The real creator of the Laskovy May group, Alexei Muskatin, died without seeing the millions earned by the group

The real creator of the Laskovy May group, Alexei Muskatin, died without seeing the millions earned by the group

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But still Andrey Razin’s agility it is impossible not to notice: dozens of people worked on “Tender May”, and he alone managed to “privatize” organizational glory.

– I think if in Russia there was such a course / subject as “show industry” or “popular music”, Andrey Razin would certainly have his own chapter or section in it, and he would be studied and taught as a successful manager of the end 80s, – his friend is sure producer, film director, screenwriter Sergei Chernykh. – A sort of devil, adventurous, punchy, successfully resolving issues. Although, I admit that at that time it was impossible otherwise. And without powerful patronage, connections in the Central Committee, committees and ministries, it was simply impossible to break through from the very bottom, quickly and honestly, unless you put your whole life on this path, which others did. Razin wanted success now, and not in years, he is unique in this, although the reception was spied on by the famous and equally temperamental, rogue hero of Ilf and Petrov – Ostap Bender. And in some ways, Razin and Bender are similar. Even the reception “son of Lieutenant Schmidt” and “nephew of Gorbachev” seems to have been written off from the “Golden Calf”. Even his famous striped jacket, in which Razin performed in his youth, seemed to be pulled off Bender’s shoulder, somewhere in Saransk … Today, few people remember, Razin, remembered by many by his striped jacket, began not from Tender May, but from the pioneers of popular Soviet music – the MIRAGE group, which became the discovery of the 87th year and the youth heroes of all discos in the country, even before “Tender May”. In the 87th, when the discotheques of the Union blew up the first Mirage magnetic album – “The stars are waiting for us”, and the people on dancefloors sang along with nobody unseen soloists, Razin decided to make money on what the market and circumstances offered – there is a popular group, it is not on TV, the people want it, the people have not seen either the soloist or the group, so why not “create” a group. This is how the Mirage Disco project appeared, where, as a soloist, Razin put the winner of some Moscow beauty contest. The memory did not retain either the name or the surname of this girl. She was pretty, leggy and busty, and also wanted everything at once, so she agreed to open her mouth to someone else’s soundtrack and dance on stage, portraying the soloist of the Mirage group. The management of the real Mirage, having learned everything, decided not to pull out the legs of the “asshole ”and not to carry into the forest, but to use the potential of a nimble guy for your own good. So a new concert director Andrei Razin appeared in the Mirage group, in his striped jacket, who simultaneously performed in concerts with a small solo program, warming up the people before the release of Mirage. Razin did not stay as a director for a long time, reasonably believing that the director’s fee is good, but why share it with someone if you can put everything in your pocket. Obviously, this is how the already living idea of ​​\u200b\u200bits own project and multiple tours (we put equality – money) was strengthened, which Mirage itself actively practiced at that time. I saw enough of what was called success and sold-out concerts, and soon picked up (did not create!) Orphanage pupils who had already recorded their first magnetic album, called “Tender May”. A little over a year later, he uses the experience of Mirage, exposing as soloists children with an orphan appearance and sad romanticism in their eyes. All for the sake of money, which “May” at that time earned more than the rest. And we have no right to blame Razin alone for this – the double compositions were not invented by him. And after Razin, many figures in the Russian Federation were engaged in cloning their own teams. And they will, if necessary, do it. Because everyone wants money… So Andrei is the son of that system, maybe more agile and cynical, better at working with his elbows, but no more. Giving him his due – for his time he was a talented, extraordinary person.


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