The reactions unleashed by Peru’s accusation of AMLO of inferring in the country’s internal affairs

Peru accused AMLO of interfering in internal affairs (REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan)
Peru accused AMLO of interfering in internal affairs (REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan)

The Chancellery of Peru qualified the statements of Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorPresident of Mexico, and Marcelo EbrardSecretary of Foreign Affairs, as a way of interference in internal affairss why he urged them to stick to international standards.

The Peruvian authorities indicated that the expressions of the Mexican president and the foreign minister in relation to former president Pedro Castillo “are not consistent with the events that have occurred in recent days.” In this sense, in relation to the matter of political asylumthey sent him a message through dand Pablo Monroyambassador of Mexico in Peru.

They mentioned to the ambassador “the need for states to adhere to the norms contained in current international treaties on the matter and comply with all the requirements that they establish”, as mentioned in the official statement published on December 9.

AMLO revealed that Pedro Castillo requested political asylum (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado)
AMLO revealed that Pedro Castillo requested political asylum (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado)

And it is that on December 8, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admitted that the former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo intended to request political asylum to Mexico before being detained after he announced the dissolution of Congress.

“He spoke to the office (of the Presidency) to let them know that he was going to the embassy and that he was going to request asylum. I looked for Marcelo Ebrard and informed him. I told him to talk to the ambassador and open the embassy door for him in accordance with our tradition of asylum,” he said at a press conference.

With this, he confirmed the rumors that began on December 6, the day Castillo was dismissed and in which citizens blocked the Mexican embassy in Peru to prevent the Mexican authorities from giving support to the politician. Given the situation, Peruvian congressmen they directed a critiqueto the Mexican president.

Congressmen from Peru launched against AMLO (Congress of Peru)
Congressmen from Peru launched against AMLO (Congress of Peru)

In response to the words of López Obrador, in Peru, the congressman Hector Ventura of the bench people force commented to infobae that: “It is deplorable that a state as important as Mexico has such a belligerent position. [AMLO] is not respecting the democratic normsnor considering the complaints and investigations what do you face [el expresidente]. What’s more, his message and attitude lead to error, to violence. He lies all the time.”

He also criticized the fact that at no time had the Mexican president taken into consideration the investigations that Castillo is facing in the Prosecutor’s Office and Congress. “Mexico should not have an interest in helping a former president who broke the constitutional order and who is not politically persecuted,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, the legislator Enrique Wong, member of Podemos Peru, considered that, although Lopez Obrador this “uninformedit makes no sense to add fuel to the fire” at a time when, in addition, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry has summoned Ambassador Pablo Monroy to convey to him its rejection for having “interference in the internal affairs” of the country.

While Peter Caterianoformer president of the Council of Ministers, opined that “basically, the intervention of Lopez Obrador has undressed the castle liebecause in reality, he was fleeing the country, fleeing from the action of justice after the coup which he announced”.

In previous days, the opposition to the current government in Mexico showed their disagreement with López Obrador’s position in relation to the situation in Peru and before the opening of López Obrador and the foreign minister to give him political asylum.

The National Action Party (BREAD) is clear in its position, as demonstrated by its national leader, Marko Cortes, with the statements he made on December 7. The partisan leader assured that the opposition is attentive to the situation in Peruvian territory and that Mexico cannot give asylum to a man who represents the populism and to authoritarianism.

“We are attentive to what is happening in Peru. Respect for the Constitution and institutions are the way to avoid populism, we cannot give political asylum to those who harm the population and govern in an authoritarian manner, ”he mentioned on social networks.

The national president of the PAN rejected the possibility of granting political asylum to the former president of Peru (Twitter/@MarkoCortes)
The national president of the PAN rejected the possibility of granting political asylum to the former president of Peru (Twitter/@MarkoCortes)

The PAN senator expressed herself under the same tenor, Kenya Lopez Rabadanwho predicted the same fate for the Mexican president as Castillo and Cristina Kirchner, the vice president of Argentina who was sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of defrauding the State through tenders for the construction of roads. In interview with infobae Mexico, the legislator deepened her position.

“Pedro Castillo and Cristina Kirchner are part of the vision that President López Obrador has been upholding. They are his friends, he defends them, not only on social networks, but he does it institutionally […] It justifies the unjustifiable of a government that has not given results in either Peru or Argentina,” he said.


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