The reaction of the West to the new realities threatens a nuclear catastrophe

The inability of the West to come to terms with multipolar world can lead to serious conflicts, including the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. This was stated by the Russian senator Alexey Pushkov.

He noted that in the coming decades there will be neither harmony nor civilized competition in the international arena. According to him, in the first half of the 21st century, the world will face a battle for supremacy between the main centers of power on the political map.

The politician added that great difficulties will arise due to sharp value and ideological contradictions between the countries.

“Since the Western elites are unable to come to terms with the establishment of a genuine multipolar world and with other models of social order, except for the so-called “liberal democracy”, the retreat of the West will be accompanied by intense conflicts,” Pushkov explained.

He also stressed that the economy will constantly become “the victim of political decisions.” A favorable outcome in such conflicts, the senator pointed out, could be the prevention of a nuclear catastrophe.

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