The rallies destroyed the plans of the enemy in the Kherson region

The rallies that took place in the cities and villages of the Kherson region completely destroyed the plans for the occupation of the region, the aggressor did not expect them.

According to Ukrinform, this was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky, who recently left occupied Kherson, in an interview published on site political party Servant of the People.

“Rallies for the orcs were generally a red rag. They didn’t expect them! The rallies completely tore to shreds their entire plan for the occupation Kherson region. After the military phase, everything they had imagined collapsed after thousands of people protested across the region. And people went out to protest for a long time. The invaders were shocked by this and did not dare to give the command to disperse. After all, rallies are not held in Russia, they are dispersed immediately,” Sobolevsky stressed.

According to him, the attitude towards people who remained in the occupation and actively oppose aggression is very tough. First, each rally was recorded, the record was analyzed, people were selected who, as it seemed to the occupiers, were the organizers of the rallies, which were the brightest, the first deputy chairman of the regional council noted.

He specified that after each rally, the invaders “pulled out” a certain number of people. This was usually at the end of the rally, when the participants had already dispersed. People were subjected to a huge psychological impact, intimidated, beaten, threatened with criminal liability, death. DNA samples and fingerprints were taken without consent. They warned that repeated detention could have various consequences, including for the family.

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“Of course, little by little this reduced the mass nature of the rallies. In the end, the invaders decided to put out these rallies by force. Because they realized that they will never end on their own,” Sobolevsky said.

Accelerations were brutal. In Kherson, the invaders first fired stun grenades at the building near which the action was taking place, so that the grenades would ricochet down. Then they quickly switched to criminal practice – they shot at people with direct fire. And there is a crazy temperature – people were simply destroyed, Sobolevsky specified, adding that an ambulance was on duty closer to the rallies, regional hospitals were also in touch.

The entire party structure of the Servant of the People in the region, he noted, after February 24 was immediately transformed into a humanitarian headquarters for helping Kherson residents and into resistance to the invaders.

As Ukrinform reported, on March 21, Russian troops dispersed a pro-Ukrainian rally in Kherson for the first time.

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The first deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, Yuriy Sobolevsky, who managed to get out of the occupied region, testified to the Security Service of Ukraine about Russian criminals shooting at unarmed Kherson residents and collaborators collaborating with the invaders.

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