The railway sector in R.Unido goes on strike to demand a salary improvement

London, Dec 13 Workers in the British railway sector begin a four-day strike this week this Tuesday to demand a better wage, which will mean the near paralysis of this important means of transport in the United Kingdom.

The members of the Railway, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT, for its acronym in English) seconded 48 hours of strike – today and tomorrow Wednesday – and then again on Friday and Saturday.

It is estimated that only 20% of rail services will operate during these measures of force, which the sector supports after negotiations with the railway company Network Rail failed.

This company has asked the population to avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary.

The strike also coincides with the disruption that the bad weather, due to the heavy snowfall in recent days, has caused in the different means of transport in the country.

The Network Rail company has offered a pay increase of 5% this year, below the 7% demanded by the union, since British inflation has already reached 11.1%.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch told the BBC today that the Conservative government is “deliberately obstructing” the means to reach an agreement with the union.

Lynch added that the government’s latest pay offer, rejected by the union yesterday, is “way below inflation” and “totally unacceptable. Our members don’t want to accept the offer… the deal value is not enough tall”.

While “optimistic” that a deal could be reached, Lynch said the government needed to help “facilitate” a deal.

“There is an opportunity to find solutions, but I fear the government is preventing that from happening. They are deliberately obstructing that deal,” he added.

For his part, Andrew Haines, chief executive of Network Rail, told the BBC that it is “difficult to see hope in the negotiations over the rail strikes.”

In addition to this strike, there are more planned this week by other sectors, such as the postal strike tomorrow and Thursday, while the nurses will go on strike on Thursday.

At the end of the week there are measures of force of the employees who work in the maintenance of motorways and of the managers of the suitcases in the London Heathrow airport. EFE



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