The quarantine was bad, the lamb is a god

The hero of Anton Filipenko is very angry at everything paranormal.  Photo: Frame from the film

The hero of Anton Filipenko is very angry at everything paranormal. Photo: Frame from the film

The coronavirus has almost turned from a global catastrophe into a minor seasonal nuisance, and the theme of human isolation in the space of an apartment and the accompanying irreversible personality changes are still being rethought by creative people.

Anton Filipenko was invited to the main role of the series “Lamb”, who this year does not get tired of replenishing his filmography – projects with him are released continuously. His hero Artem sits at home in quarantine completely alone, and in the end strange things happen to him: half of the scrambled eggs disappeared, a glass of whiskey suddenly ended up in the bathroom, and the magnets on the refrigerator lined up in an indecent figure. Is the guy going crazy because of a midlife crisis, or is this 1990s press superstar really real? The question is even philosophical.

Filipenko’s company in this “absurd mystical comedy” is made up of such glorious representatives of the acting department as Timofey Tribuntsev, Maxim Lagashkin and Nikolai Schreiber, as well as Olga Dibtseva, the main enchantress of our series, who joined them.


“Lamb”, comedy. Monday – Thursday, 20.00.

Maxim Averin was promoted to Peter the Great.  Photo: Frame from the film

Maxim Averin was promoted to Peter the Great. Photo: Frame from the film

A long-promised holiday for all lovers of costume stories. “Sobor” will immerse you in the atmosphere of 1700-1725 – the era of the reforms of Peter I, when the whole way of the Russian state was changing. One of the main lines is melodramatic: the rootless serf Ivan dared to fall in love with his master’s daughter Maria. And the feeling is mutual…

“We set ourselves the task of combining the historical scope with the nerve of modern driving cinema,” says Konstantin Ernst, General Producer of The Cathedral. “This is a great adventure from an era of great accomplishments and a story of ambition, patience, faith and love told in a living language.” And another general producer, Janik Fayziev, reports that the key characters “show human victories and dramas during social upheavals.” Cast: Sergey Marin, Svetlana Ivanova, Maxim Averin, Alexander Baluev, Yulia Snigir.

First channel.

“Cathedral”, historical adventure drama. Monday – Thursday, 21.45.


Malakhov returns

Andrei Malakhov is the king of daytime talk shows, our Jerry Springer (the legendary American founder of the genre. – Ed.), Who has long deserved a program named after himself. Formally, he led various projects of this kind – centenarians still remember the Big Wash, but in fact it was all the same program. Scandalous heroes, a hyper-excited audience in the hall, experts are each other more trenchant, and in the beams of spotlights he is Andrey Malakhov, switching in time from throwing firewood into the furnace of discussion to instructive morality.

“Malakhov” was invented to replace “Live”, and the premiere was supposed to take place in February, but for known reasons it was canceled. Now, therefore, on the second button, they managed to clear a little space on weekdays for Andrey, who promises to discuss “everything that makes a big country live.”

Russia 1.


Monday – Friday, 16.35.

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