The psychologist explained how the feeling of loneliness can develop into a neurosis

PhD in Psychology, developer of the theory of adaptive intelligence Valery Gut gave advice to people suffering from loneliness in a big city.

Harvard scientists note that lonely people are more susceptible to disease and more likely to die from a stroke than those who are surrounded by children. The reason for this state of affairs lies in the fact that loners have higher levels of stress and anxiety.

Previously, psychologist Buryevaya explained why you should not perform for children hometasks.

“If a person acutely feels his loneliness and this causes him suffering and mental anguish, all the more so if he is tormented by anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks or apathy, we can talk about the symptoms of neurosis,” the psychologist quotesVesti Podmoskovye”.

The specialist believes that a person suffering from loneliness lacks basic trust in the world due to the lack of internal supports.

“It is important to remember that loneliness is an internal state, not external circumstances. You can feel lonely in the company of loved ones, or you can enjoy spending time alone with yourself,” the expert explained.

The psychologist emphasizes that it is absolutely normal to feel lonely. At the same time, you should not fall into this state for a long time.

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