The proposal of the disputed tariff will be by the end of June, promised Stanjura | Business

By the end of June it will be in Snmovn, we have a maximum of forty days, mon dv, said Stanjura. According to him, the government specifies the parameters, including the length of time for which it should be available. The Minister of Finance would consider a reasonable period.

It should be administratively simple, it won’t have to be enough, we won’t test, Stanjura added.

According to the chairwoman of the YES parliamentary group, the opposition will not agree to the approval of the current tariff in the first place. We don’t want to crush it, but we will definitely want to take a look at the proposals, said Schiller.

According to two declarations by the Minister of Industry, Jozef Skely A favorable tariff should guarantee households electricity, gas and heat a certain lower price for consumption. The difference between this ceiling and the mandrel price would then be paid by the distributor and the supplier stt. And the thorn price would also be paid by households for all the energy consumed above the set limit, which, according to the government, should motivate them to dispute.

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