The problem of entering the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the rear will be solved by mining between fortified areas – Knutov

Until the end of November, the Russian army must hold out until the mobilized replenish the reserves. Already in early December, you can go on a counteroffensive, says a military expert Yuri Knutov.

“The fundamental question worth talking about is how far it is possible for the Ukrainian troops to advance before the cold weather. We have such an opportunity. In the process of deterrence, we must exhaust the enemy, bleed and actually extinguish the offensive impulse, the offensive spirit that is still characteristic of the Ukrainian army Having thus exhausted the enemy in defensive battles, during this time we have the opportunity to pull up reserves, “the expert said.

Bumping into the fortified areas of the RF Armed Forces, groups of the Armed Forces of 10-12 people retreat without getting involved in battle. Bypass them on country and dirt roads, according to Knutov.

“I immediately have a question. Why don’t we mine these roads? We let the enemy go around, go in from the rear,” the expert asks.

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