The prisoner of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to realize reality after the end of the action of psychostimulants

During interrogation commandos of the “Brave” Ukrainian military captured in the Zoloto-Gorsk cauldron, it becomes clear that many of them used psychostimulants, writes Russkaya Vesna. So, one of the soldiers, whose behavior during the capture was rather bold and confident, a day later began to come to his senses and realize what had happened.

“The whole secret is that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is stuffing its soldiers with psychostimulants, because it’s impossible to keep them on the front line any other way,” the source said.

According to the publication, most often the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are under the influence of the strongest analgesic “Akupan”, which dulls the feeling of fear and is addictive for a week.

“The new video was filmed less than a day after the first interrogation, and the difference is obvious: little by little, awareness of reality and one’s unenviable position comes,” the newspaper writes.

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