The price of petrol is at a new high, diesel has risen by a crown during the week Business

The previous record price of half the average, when diesel was sold in the dark on average for 49.60 K per liter, so far. This is according to data from CCS, which monitors fuel prices.

Fuel prices are rising despite the measures taken by the government due to their health.

The government, due to the increase in fuel prices, their prices began to rise in the midst of the sea and the current after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, took several measures.

Among other things, since the June arrest in June, it has reduced 1.50 crowns per liter of consumption of gasoline and diesel. At present, however, people are refueling before the consumption tax is reduced.

The Ministry of Finance said last week that the price control is mainly the main reason for the early eradication of the positive effect of reducing excise taxes are not rising margins on fuel, but mainly rising oil and gasoline prices on the Rotterdam Commodity Exchange.

The cheapest gasoline is now being refueled in the Steč region, where a liter averages 47.66 crowns. Diesel is the cheapest in the Krumlov region, a liter there sells for an average of 47.71 crowns. On the other hand, the most expensive fuel is in Prague, where a liter of petrol costs an average of 48.48 crowns. Diesel is refueled there for 48.44 crowns per liter.

A year ago, fuels were significantly cheaper. The average price for one liter of gasoline was about 15.50 crowns lower, for diesel motorists paid about 17.50 crowns per liter of me.

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