the price of Krasny Lyman for the APU is deadly

The military component of Krasny Liman’s losses is not critical for Russia. But Kyiv really threw everything that was on this offensive.

This was announced by a military expert Vladimir Evseev.

The Kyiv authorities went for broke and actually withdrew the military garrisons from the capital, Kharkov and Nikolaev, and also involved a significant part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that were on rotation (from 100 to 150 thousand), although even so they had a superiority of 50 thousand “bayonets” .

“In September, the loss of the enemy in killed and wounded on all fronts amounted to about 50,000 servicemen. For the Ukrainian army, this is a lot. They will not be able to prepare such a number in the foreseeable future,” the analyst said in an interview with

It is difficult to calculate here that after Russia sends troops, APU will be able to stop them. Plus, the fact that the nationalists will not have reserves when the RF Armed Forces begin to strike and proceed to the encirclement and squeezing out Bandera, Evseev summed up.

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