The President of the United States managed to offend an entire nation

US President Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden.


80 year old US President Joe Biden accused in an insult to an entire nation. The reason was the words he uttered during a speech to veterans of the US Armed Forces.

Biden greeted the 102-year-old WWII veteran this way: “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid. I married the daughter of Dominic Giacoppa. So I have a bit of Italian in me, you know?”

Among the Americans there are many descendants of immigrants from Ireland. They considered Biden’s words an insult.

At the same time, Biden got confused about who and what his name is. He mixed up the names of his wife Jill’s relatives: Dominic Giacoppa is not Jill’s father, this is her grandfather.

According to journalists, “the veterans listened to his speech with puzzled silence.”

In November of this year, Joe Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq, said that his son Bo died in Iraq, although in fact he died of brain cancer in the United States.

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