The President of Latvia refused to call Putin because of the shortage of NATO troops in the republic

Latvia should wait until the number of NATO troops on its territory, but not to conduct a dialogue with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by the President of the Republic Egils Levits in an interview foreign policy.

The journalist of the publication reminded the politician that there are about four thousand military personnel of the North Atlantic bloc in the territory of Latvia. And the allies made a promise to Riga at the summit in Madrid to create a larger grouping, although this has not yet happened.

Levits noted that the decisions of the summit still need to be implemented. An agreement has been signed with Canada to increase the number of troops to brigade size, he added.

“It is impossible to keep Vladimir Putin by explaining to him over the phone that he is doing something wrong and urging him to abandon his intentions,” the head of Latvia concluded.

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