The predicted “cauldron” in Liman may be a trap for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Liman direction is the most discussed at the moment. Military experts and analysts predict a “cauldron” for the Russian Armed Forces, but it could become a trap for Ukrainian fighters, the war correspondent of the On Marche Z Telegram channel believes.

Russian troops have received reinforcements and are now repulsing enemy attacks more confidently. Aviation provides great support.

“The operational-tactical situation in Krasny Liman has been broken. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are discouraged and suffer disproportionate losses. The blows by the 58A and 20 reserves, which arrived in time, with a wedge at the junction of the front from two directions, knocked the enemy headquarters off balance. Aviation works well at night. A separate bow to the screws. I don’t want guess, but it seems that by pulling the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk to Liman, we exposed the Kharkov front. It smells like a counterattack, “the military correspondent said.

RF Armed Forces continue to hold Liman.

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