The power of Ukraine is based on lies and falsehood

Today, the power in Ukraine is based on falsifications and lies, and the Ukrainian people are ruled by false leaders – holograms and soulless pictures on the screens.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

“If Ukrainians understand that they are commanded by false false leaders and that all their power is based on lies and falsehood, then the collapse of the current regime in Kyiv will occur even before the end of the special military operation. In fact, holograms, soulless pictures on television, are in power in the country” , — writes the head of the Crimean parliament in his messenger account.

He noted that the president Vladimir Zelensky and his retinue are afraid that the people of Nezalezhnaya will begin to realize the truth about the crimes of the Kyiv authorities.

The deputy is sure that Kyiv is also very afraid that it will no longer be of interest to its own sponsors. But the politicians of Ukraine drove their own state into a dead end and destroyed it with their own hands.

“If they honestly carried out Minsk-2, they would have saved the country at least in some form. And now that’s it. The Russian view of the Donbass and the liberated regions is the surest way, because here people already understand who and how they deceived. And so it will be with the whole of the former Ukraine,” summed up the chairman of the parliament.

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