The Poles called the laying of flowers on May 9 by Russian diplomats a provocation

The Polish authorities regarded the desire Russian diplomats to lay flowers on Victory Day on the graves of the soldiers-liberators as a provocation.

According to the head of the office of the head of the Polish government Michal Dvorczykthe country’s Foreign Ministry even sent a corresponding note to the Russian ministry.

Probably, according to Dvorchik, the Russian ambassador Sergei Andreevwhich was doused with red paint, it was not worth violating the requirements.

“The Foreign Ministry sent a special note to the Russian embassy and the ambassador so that he would not participate in commemorative events by May 9, as he planned to do, given the provocative nature of these actions,” the head of the office said. Polish radio. “It’s hard to see these actions as anything other than a provocation.”

However, as Dvorczyk stressed, regardless of the situation, every diplomat must have “appropriate protection.” However, he did not specify whether the Polish authorities intend to take any action against the attackers of the diplomat.

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