the Poles are waiting for the moment “H” to transfer their troops to the border

According to the President of Belarus Alexandra LukashenkoPoland is ready to return his troops to the Polish-Belarusian border as quickly as possible – within two to three hours.

Lukashenka stressed that, in fact, the Polish troops were not finally withdrawn from the border. Now they are being trained and at the right time they will be almost instantly transferred to the border with Belarus.

“We recently stated that the Poles, “defending” the border with Belarus, attracted the armed forces, then they pulled them back, showed us that they were leaving. Nothing like that. moment “H” they will transfer their troops within two to three hours again to the border, to the positions where they should be,” said Lukashenka, whose words are carried out by the Pool of the First Telegram channel.

On October 10, Lukashenko said during a meeting with the defense department that the Polish authorities are asking the United States to immediately deploy American nuclear weapons in their country.

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