The plastic surgeon told what determines the result of plastic surgery

How long does the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery actually last? is it true that it takes several months for bruises, swelling and scars to disappear; why postoperative scars do not disappear completely and what determines the body’s response to surgery, Pravda.Ru told plastic surgeon Victoria Andreeva.

Scars don’t disappear

– Victoria, how long do swelling and bruising last after plastic surgery?

– Depends on the type of skin, soft tissues, age. With rhinoplasty, circular blepharoplasty, the rehabilitation period is about two weeks, sometimes a little more if the patient is prone to:

  • to edema,
  • bruises.

This does not mean that everything has healed during this period. The first bruises and edema disappear, but internal processes are still going on: for example, during rhinoplasty, the nose shrinks.

Healing has been going on for several months, when everything is calm outside, but processes are going on inside and unpleasant sensations arise. This is the period of maturation of scar tissue inside, the formation of collagen.

When plastic body depends on the volume. It happens that a neat little girl wants to draw a sporty silhouette, it just needs to be emphasized there. It happens that a woman wants to get rid of fat pads – a large amount of liposuction, and rehabilitation will be longer.

– Scars and scars after how many months disappear?

– My scientific work is connected with scar tissue, so I say: scars do not disappear. But they can form normotrophically – this is a good scar that aesthetically satisfies the patient. Or, due to the characteristics of the operation or organism, heredity, non-compliance with the regimen, it can turn into a hypertrophic scar – this is a dense scar that is noticeable.

There are rough keloid scars that grow uncontrollably.

We try not to operate on teenagers because of the hormonal background. This applies mainly not to plastics, but to skin neoplasms, but you need to do an operation either before puberty or after.

We follow up the patient for a year after the operation. We always ask non-residents to monitor the quality of the scar. Because in the maturation phase, special therapy can be applied so that the scar matures well. For example, in the early postoperative period, I prescribe a domestic gel, since I am the scientific director of this innovative project. With this gel, scars disappear much faster than after six months.

Return as it was!

“Sometimes patients ask to be restored to their former appearance. How fast is psychological addiction to a new face?

– It is important to be in touch with the doctor and understand that there is a period of rehabilitation, and there is a period of further formation. After all, the nose does not form in two weeks, it continues to decrease.

Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible:

  • change something,
  • to bring back.

Therefore, patients should take plastic surgery seriously. During consultations, it is necessary to discuss in detail how you will look, use computer modeling, which, even if approximately shows the result, but at least the patient will be ready. Sometimes the patient gets used to it. Sometimes we redo something. There are complications. From this in medicine, no one is immune.

Denial of responsibility: This content, including tips, provides general information only. This is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. For more information, always consult a specialist or your healthcare professional.

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