The performance “AZOVSTAL. The voices” was shown in Kyiv in support of the captured defenders

The performance “AZOVSTAL. The voices” was shown in Kyiv. The main message of the project is to remind the captured defenders of Azovstal and do everything possible for their return home.

An Ukrinform correspondent reports this.

“The impetus for this project came from beyond the borders of Ukraine. There was a feeling that now it was necessary to speak, and speak a lot to the whole world. Azovstal is a personal pain for me, because I myself am from the Donbass. And the author of the texts in the play, Khachatur Vasilyan, is also a great spent part of his life in Mariupol, this is his pain,” said the director of the project, Valeria Demchenko.

Together with the author of the idea Marina Sobotyuk, actress Olga Sobko and with the help of other professionals, they created a play that appealed to the whole world. Heroes – eight different figures, united by one misfortune. Thousands of people who stood and stand for the freedom of Ukraine spoke through the mouths of the actors.

“Since this is a theatrical project, in addition to the images of the real defenders of Azovstal – Dmitry Kozatsky, Ekaterina “Ptichka” and one of the doctors, there are collective symbolic images. These are Heaven, Love, Mother, Man and Commander or Freedom. They speak for everyone who has experienced terrible days under shelling of Azov have ceased, and for those who are no longer there. Ukrainians do not need to be reminded of this. We want the world not to forget about it, “says the director.

The authors of the play sought to get as close as possible to real events, so they moved the action to a bomb shelter. The monologues of the characters were accompanied by rich visuals and soundtracks.

As Marina Sobotyuk noted, the world should hear the voices of Ukrainians.

“We want to show the strength of the Ukrainian spirit, so that everyone is proud of it and after the performance strives to protect the other person. So that after it the Ukrainians take to the streets and chant “Freedom to the Azovstal workers.” So that what happened in Olenovka does not happen again,” she said.

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According to her, the performance will be shown in Europe in the autumn.

“We were invited to Geneva, Zurich, Cannes, Paris, and also to Bilbao (Spain – approx.). Mostly Ukrainians invite us, and they invite foreigners. This theater is sensual and you can cry. But this is our soft weapon. And with him we we can do a lot of things,” the author of the idea is convinced.

As reported, for more than 80 days, the Ukrainian military, in particular, the Azov regiment, held the defense of Mariupol. On May 16, the evacuation of Ukrainian defenders from the Azovstal plant blocked by Russian invaders began, which lasted for several days. After the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal, according to the agreements, they are waiting for an exchange. Currently, about 2.5 thousand soldiers are in captivity.

Law enforcers opened criminal proceedings on the fact of the shelling of Olenovka, Donetsk region, by Russia.

Premiere of theatrical performance about Azovstal in Kyiv / Photo: Gennady Minchenko, Ukrinform

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military deliberately fired on the colony in Olenivka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the murder of Ukrainian prisoners in the temporarily occupied Olenivka, Donetsk region, was carried out by mercenaries from the Wagner private military company.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message that terrorist attack in Olenivka, as a result of which more than 50 captured Ukrainian defenders were killedis yet another confirmation that Russia is a terrorist state.

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