The people of Donbass are tired, but Kyiv failed to break them – Rusanov

Despite all the efforts of the Kyiv regime, Ukraine failed to cope with the inhabitants of Donbass. People are tired of the war, but still continue to joke and smile, said a deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR, a science fiction writer Vladislav Rusanov.

He recalled that many Donetsk residents are now defending their own land with weapons in their hands, and therefore the inhabitants of the republic have to do not only their work, but also work for their colleagues.

“Many no longer have physical strength, but there is strength of mind and willpower, on which the citizens of the DPR hold on,” the parliamentarian assured.

After summing up accession referendum DPR to Russia the situation will change completely, says Rusanov. In addition, for all eight years, residents of the republic felt supported RF, he clarified in an interview with

“It is very important to feel the shoulder of a friend. To understand that you are important and needed not only for those who are at arm’s length from you, but also for the entire vast space from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok,” the deputy summed up.

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