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The whole civilized world must see in what environment the wounded and crippled defenders of Mariupol go and fight! In completely unhygienic conditions, with open wounds bandaged with non-sterile bandage remnants, without bases and even without food, there is a commentary on the photographs that appeared in the evening on the social walls of the Azov Regiment.

The soldiers you see in the photos, as well as hundreds of others in Azovstal with their wounded and at the cost of their own health, brno Ukraine and the whole civilized world. Is it impossible for Ukraine and the world communities to protect and take care of it?

The call for a beast calls for the evacuation of wounded soldiers and their transfer to the ground under the control of the Ukrainian army, where they will receive medical attention: .

Vlda failed to defend Mariupol

Photographs of the worn-out and crippled soldiers offer a rare view of the steelworks in the Azov Sea, which became Mariupol’s last batten in mid-April. The Russians surrounded the town with a meeting, and on Monday in its bombed streets they celebrated Victory Day.

It is estimated that two steel mills built as part of Stalin’s industrialization in the 1930s were survived by 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers, their fighters were members of the Azov Regiment and the 36th Brigdy Nmon Infantry. How many of them are combat-ready, not particularly.

Keep the world’s Starlink satellite internet Elon Musk connected to the world. On Sunday, a press conference was held by Zoom Dog, during which they criticized the government in Kyiv.

Our government failed to defend Mariupol, failed to defend Mariupol. for eight years sabotaged the defense of Ukraine, said the officer of the Azov Regiment Ilya Somojlenko. According to him, do not lose weight so that the defenders of the steelworks would give up the Russians, because it would mean certain death for them.

The government should ensure that the aunt’s party evacuates the troops. The evacuation could have been carried out if some people had done their job, said Somojlenko. President Volodymyr Zelensky, surrounded by troops, is trying to make sure that their evacuation is negotiated with the UN and July.

Liberated Mariupol by the Ukrainian army, according to him, is not possible at the moment. In the weekend, Kyiv announced that all the elderly, women and children who had left for the Ukrainian-controlled city of Zporo had been evacuated from the dense complex. According to the adviser to the Mariupol mayor, there are about a hundred civilians in shelters under the steelworks.

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