The Pentagon called Shoigu’s statements about the “destruction” of Ukrainian HIMARS a lie

The Pentagon denied statements by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu that Russian troops allegedly destroyed six HIMARS missile systems in Ukraine.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Reuters.

“We are aware of these latest statements by Minister Shoigu, and they are again blatantly false,” Pentagon Speaker Todd Bressil said.

The Ukrainian military deploys every one of the HIMARS missile systems that “the United States, allies and partners have provided to defend against Russia’s brutal, criminal invasion” with devastating precision and effectiveness, he said.

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As you know, the Russian military has repeatedly stated that they allegedly shoot down HIMARS missiles, but they did not provide any evidence of this.

Recall, the commander of the OK “South” Major General Andrey Kovalchuk saidthat the Ukrainian military very quickly mastered the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and showed the effectiveness of their use on the battlefield with the Russians.

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