The patron of homeopaths and the persecutor of badgers: how Charles III will surprise Britain

On Saturday, September 10, the Succession Council meets in London’s St. James’s Palace to officially proclaim the eldest son of Elizabeth II, the now former Prince of Wales Charles, the new King of Britain – Charles III . But his coronation is not expected so soon. At one time, 16 months had passed since the death of His Majesty George VI, before the crown of St. Edward was placed on the head of his eldest daughter in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953.- the main precious relic of the British monarchs. The eldest son of Elizabeth II, Charles, was the heir to the throne for 73 years (of which 63 years – as the holder of the title of Prince of Wales) – this is a record for British kings. He also became the oldest British monarch upon his accession to the throne. The paradox is that Charles, like no other of the Windsors, has been under the gun of the media all these years, while it is still a mystery to everyone what kind of king he will turn out to be. But it is already clear now: the image and manner of the reign of Charles III, most likely, will differ markedly from the “Elizabethan style”.

Name Carl!
How Charles III will perform in the coming weeks and months of national mourning and preparations for the coronation will tell us a lot about what kind of sovereign he will be .

In his first address to the nation, delivered the day before, the king promised to serve his subjects “until the end of his life with loyalty, respect and love” and to remain the guardian of the constitutional principles of the kingdom. He also admitted that his life would not be the same – the new title will not allow him to directly engage in charity. However, Charles III assured that all his undertakings would remain in good hands. He concluded this speech with touching, poetic words about “dear mother”: “You are going on your last journey to join my dear late father … Sleep well with angelic singing.” Undoubtedly, the sincerity of the orphaned monarch touched the British.

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