the outflow of labor will affect any area

Economist Alexander Borisov in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he told which areas of business suffered the most after the announcement partial mobilization in the Russian Federation.

The expert admitted that it is still difficult to say for sure which area was under the greatest blow.

“According to Rosstat, by the beginning of the announcement of partial mobilization, we had a minimum unemployment rate, that is, the employment rate was very high. And therefore, in virtually any area, the outflow of labor, one way or another, should affect,” Borisov noted.

The economist said that in addition to those sectors that were specified in the presidential decree, the military-industrial complex, IT, electronics, construction, agriculture, and a number of industry associations are asking to consider the possibility of booking from partial mobilization for them. Those who somehow felt a shortage or dependence on the announcement of partial mobilization have already made such collective appeals, the expert added.

The economist noted that at this stage he would not single out any sector of the economy most affected by partial mobilization, and suggested that we look at how the decisions made affect certain industries.

September 21 President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine.

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